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Well that was fun now wasn't it?

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Why isn't anyone here, commenting?

Cause I just made this post an hour ago.

Why am I the only one posting here?

Because you're a nice person. :3

Why haven't you fixed the Blood Gulch Blues lyrics which I corrected in your last news post?


Because I want to keep the 'Roses are red' part.

how long is your cLock?

The one on the wall is 11 inches. :)

Does Australia have marijuana?

Yes, illegally :P

If you had the choice to shoot Gorge Bush, Barak Obama, Madonna or Bill Gates, who would you shoot?

George Bush. At least 34 times.

Why is my '00 account named "Magnus". What is it, or what does it mean?

All I know is that Magnus (aka you) was the first person to comment on this blog, also he is a nice person. ^^

Why does my user name sound like it belongs on a fallout boy fan forum?

how is babby formd?

Why use "greenfrost6" as a name?

Cause you made it that way.

What's babby?

Honestly, I have no idea whatsoever.

What is your favorite color?

Have a guess.

Why are we here?

Because you clicked my username on the forums.

Harder comment this time. And if you answer it, I'll stop stalking you, promise =P
How much wood would a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

About 7. NEXT.

Okay i have a question, what's the name of the game where you're in a mall and have to kill zombies. I've been looking for it forever and i may just go buy it again.

Not sure, sorry. Is it a game on Newgrounds or a real video game?

Are you by any chance A WONDERFUL ANIMATOR?

Why yes, yes I am. :D

How many frames are there in that green button flash...Thing. Forget it. I keep finding your page in the most profound ways...


OH it's an actual game for the 360, but no worries I found it anyway! It was called Dead Rising and it was hidden under the couch. But now a new question....MUAHAHAHA!!! How tall are you?

5ft 7in

hmm..you could be making that up-BUT I DON'T CARE, MUAHAHAHA!!! Well anyway, what's the longest you can hold your breath? Mines 25 seconds, which kinda sucks.

I can barely hold mine for 17 seconds. (Just tried.)

17 seconds, better than most of friends! Hmmm what is a hard question? Oh wait, did you change your profile picture? I don't seem to remember the master chief being there or the dude being backwards...IT"S A CONSPIRACY,lol

Yes I did, in case you were wondering, the blue haired guy in the background is my avatar, and the yellow master chief is the character I play as when I play Halo PC online. His name is -§Kooper§-! :D

UPDATE: I changed it back. I liked the original one better.

Wow, I've never played Halo for the computer before, only on the X-Box. Actually I haven't played the first or second one recently, although I did beat the third one about a week ago. Well now I'm hungry...what's your favorite food?

Pasta. You seem to be a very frequent poster :P

haha, nice user header. did it take you 10 days to make? =O

Actually it took me 5 mins. I have this thing for creating long conversation. :P

Why is your banner so... creative?

Cause I'm a smart little boy.

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