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Well that was fun now wasn't it?

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It's ten, thought your avvy looked familiar and remembered i'd seen you around on tf2 a few times :p

I tried accepting, but steam glitched it up somehow. Send me a PM with your steamid and I'll try to add you.

Original L4D?

Ahh yup. :)

1st of all let me say thank you thank you thank you for joining the comment request club and keeping it alive. I'm glad you joined, the more people with QUALITY news posts like yers, the better.

anyhoo, it's a shame to hear about Elliot Fletcher... poor kid had his whole life ahead of him. I read things like that then I look over at my son Midian, and it scares the living shit out of me. He's only a year old and I know I won't be able to protect him forever. Every time you ask yerself "What if the world couldn't get worse than this?" it always surprises you by doing just that, getting even worse.

Nice hat, and hey little brother, good luck with yer schoolwork. I don't know whether or not yer really only 15, but if you are you are one lucky bastard for having the good sense to make yer education yer #1 priority right now. When I was 15 (Jesus, seems like a lifetime ago now that I'm 26) my only concerns were getting high and chasing tail. I wish Id've known how important school was back then.

Anyway, thanks again for joining the crew and thank you for helping keep it alive!

~Patty aka PantyWipe

I'd be happy to be a member. This club was a great idea, and I'm grateful for the extra 4 comments so far. Elliot's death was a huge impact on our school, something like this has never happened before, after about a week of mourning (as well as a funeral service held at our Hall, which was very beautiful), we all decided it was time to get back to our studies.

Also, yes I'm 15. :D

I love TF2, not an Aussie though, I'm a Canadian :P I may add you anyway. I have LFD for Xbox and not PC, however.

That hat is pretty rad, but what does GJ6 mean? :D

The hat says GF6, I can see how the F can be confused with a J. :P

Damn man, 200 bucks? I've made like 10 bucks on the only flash I bothered to put ads in. I'm hoping to make front page with my next game though, thanks for raising my hopes!

It's well worth it. My movie made front page, and if I only relied on Flash Page ads, I would've generated only about $40.

Sorry, forgot to put in that I'm sorry about your friend man, that really sucks hardcore.

It's all good. It was very tragic, but we had to move on.

Kudos on putting studying in front of Newgrounds. I wish I could do the same, but the Siren's song of the BBS just keeps calling me back.

That also is a really cool hat, the style of writing and color scheme is awesome. Did you make it? If you bought it, please tell me where because the style is very intriguing.

I got my results back, I did alright (for Year 11 first term anyway). I could've done better, but I'm generally happy with the result.

And my hat? I got it custom made by these guys:


You can choose a design, and the airbrush a word or group of letters onto a t-shirt or hat. They're Australian, but I'm pretty sure they do shipping. Check them out, they've got some pretty sick designs.