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Praise the lord.

Posted by Greenfrost6 - April 8th, 2009

After more than a week of continuous bull shit that we had to put up with Telstra and Bigpond we finally have our internet back. How did we lose it in the first place? Here's a not-so-quick lowdown:

Sometime last week it rained. Yeah, not so interesting, apart from the fact that our connection is via cable. And, every single F**KING time it rains our internet gets cut off due to water over-flowing cable box. So anyway, seeing as it doesn't rain so often where I come from, this was pretty fricken annoying, and, as usual with Bigpond's shitty service, it usually takes 2 weeks of continuous procrastination to get the thing drained out.

However this week was different. First it started off as: 'The cable box has overflowed, we'll send someone out to repair it' problem. Then, after 2 days it was all: 'It's all fixed, it should work now.', unfortunately for us nothing changed. After that it was: 'As soon as you pay your bill we'll reconnect you.'. Little did their puny minds know that we paid the monthly bill more than eight days ago.

Soon after the situation turned into an 83 minute long conversation with some tech support chick continuously asking us to reboot our computer. Three times. At the end she told us that it was a password problem and we had to get our modem password reset. So she gave us a new password (made up of single letters and numbers... urgh.), and let us test it. Unfortunatly, it didn't work. So she told us that ANOTHER Bigpond Representative will ring us in another two days. Whoop-de-f**king-do.

Luckily for us the Rep jumped the gun and called us the day after, I was home alone so I answered and we discussed the problem. He needed conformation from my mum so that he can know that 'we are the holders of the plan.'. After five minutes of waiting he called back, telling me that mum wasn't answering her phone (she was on deadline, give her a break), so he wasn't at authority to fix my problem but he could tell me what was wrong with it. Apparently the tech support lady gave me the WRONG PASSWORD. So he said that a password reset was in order and we could call back at whatever time we wanted to reset the modem. (Great. More crap.)

We didn't get around to calling them back until today, so I called them, and I got the joy of talking to a computer for 20 minutes. To my greatest surprise the computer was more helpful than all of the 'Representatives' put together. It reset my password for me, and here I am. About time.

So yes, I'm back, for now. Let's just hope that it doesn't rain again for at least a couple of weeks. Oh and I'm banned from the BBS for three days. Again. Great.

Comments (2)

Wow that's so horrible, yet funny. Well i'm sorry that their are such complete idiots that work jobs that require people with some intelligence. I hope that the whole internet thing doesn't happen again or you'll be fucked. In the ass.
Ass for the whole ban thing, that's just ironically horrible.

Yeah, thank god I got put through to an automated machine rather than spend more time wasting my breath on those idiots. Plus the ban has passed. Happies!

the last paragraph cracked me up