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Supanova, collections, and other stuff

Posted by Greenfrost6 - April 11th, 2010

Yesterday I had some fun with mates at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo. I met some various artists, bought some shit, and saw some wicked cosplays - The good, and the 'wow'. I also had a try of some good wacom pads. There was this karaoke company called 'Rock Stars Entertainment' (not to be confused with Rock STAR, which makes GTA), who was putting up a fun Rock Band 2 karaoke styled competition in which the best performance won a Rock Band 2 pack. I didn't win, but it was an awesome feeling playing 'We Are the Champions' in front of 80 people! I also got a nice realistic bullet wound in my head for like $5 thanks to a friendly neighborhood movie makeup company. My mother almost had a heart attack when she saw me!

Some of you may or may not remember that flash music video I released last year that won 3 gold awards on NG, I love the HALO World. What I just found out yesterday is that I'm extremely close to it being put in the Halo and Music Video collections. I know, shameless advertising, but you could make a dumb 15 year old kid very happy if you could spare 5 seconds to recommend it for those collections.

I've still got another week of holidays left (thank god), so that means I'm still up for any aussie players who wants to play a round of TF2, L4D or L4D2. Add me on steam: 'kooper08'.

Oh, and I guess now I'm an official /b/tard, because I bought some awesome badges at Supanova for like $5. I couldn't resist.

Supanova, collections, and other stuff

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Wouldn't mind going to Supanova in Brisbane one year, the Perth one is way too freakin' small.

I'd imagine. I'm looking foward to GenCon later this year, that one's more about video games than anime. It's heaps of fun too.

I recommended your ass. I hadn't seen the video before now, but I like it a lot.

I appreciate the recommendation of my ass. Hopefully that way it'll get more noticed. ;)

The longcat button is great, the other two are funny as well. I'll be sure to recommend you to the Halo collection, good work like yours shouldn't go unnoticed :)

Thanks :)

sooooo u got buttons.do u press te bottons.of corse yo do. THERE BUTTONS FOR A REASON RIGHT,RIGHT. well umm BOO i scared u muhahahahahahaha and u got cool animas of halo.next time make one of a chicken that turns into a rock and gets hit by a car and then KABOOM.P.S i no wat i said makes no sense but yea KABOOM remember. chicken rock. MAKE THE ANIMA AND put the botons on oyur ass next time

Jeg liker den lange katten en