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Well done

Many people have already said it, but I haven't seen a Mario parody this legitimate in a long time.

The animation was smooth and consistent, and your attention to character detail was impressive. The scene which could've been improved were the first few shots of the Goombas talking. The choice of scene angle made it difficult to differentiate the two of them.

Script and humour was top notch. Scenes like Mario falling off the side of the stage, only to have 99 (now 98) lives were clever and kept me smiling the whole way through. At first I thought the scene with the two stoner Koopas were unoriginal, branching from an age old joke about the mushrooms, but the way you tied it in with the story at the end made up for it, as well as the witty dialogue. The pacing of the parody also impressed me, it never seemed to drag on.

Last, but not least: Voice acting was brilliant. Reminded me of the level of voice acting you'd expect from people like Egoraptor. I'm hoping to see more of SirUndead's voice more often.

Keep doing what you're doing, because it works. Very well.

haitam responds:

Thanks for the review,this is very helpful !

Fluid animation

But the overall artwork could've been touched up a bit. There were many jaggies and poorly drawn lines that were difficult to ignore.

Other than that, music was loud and clear, the crossover was clever, and the theme stayed relevant to both shows.


Ok. A few things I have to say about this:

- Don't give us that excuse about: 'LOL WE WERE TRYING TO ANIMATE POORLY TO LOOK LIKE TROLLS'. Just accept that most of the animations were rushed and poorly executed. There were several shorts that were animated brilliantly, but the majority looked like they were done in MS Paint. The use of the troll face wasn't scaled correctly in most shorts, resulting in a very pixelated animation.

- Most of the shorts were stolen from existing pictures, you can at least put the originals in a seperate part of the flash for the viewer to see.

- Preloader and menu looked terrible.

- The static in between shorts had a white strip down the side, and the static itself was a from Adobe Fireworks. In short, it looked ugly.

Overall, stolen ideas that were poorly executed. Be more original and don't just pick every submission you receive.

IncendiaryProduction responds:

I was going along until you said the preloader was and menu was crap, when we all know it was the best part of the submission.

Your argument is now invalid.

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Even if I did support this 'check ur privilage' hoo-haa, this game is still a boring platformer with uninspired level design and a message that doesn't even try to be subtle.

The illiteracy disability is also unbalanced. The signs do nothing but taunt you, so why would I want to read them in the first place? Even though this game was made in such a short time it still barely warrants any higher than the score I'm giving now.

A work of art

That sums up this game easily. There's an obvious attention to the art style and ambiance of this game, which presented the unique idea of playing through one's mind. This abstract theme gave a good reason to have less detail to the story and more detail to the environment. Overall, a fantastic game, though creepy at times, was a joy to play.

This deserves a spot in the Art Games collection.


I got a migraine trying to figure out how to beat this bloody thing. Luckily, I'm still alive! Barely.

Anyway, here's the walkthrough:

To begin click on the doorknob.

1. Slide the door to the left and stop with your mouse over top of the white square.

2. Click the lock till it breaks.

3. Click the gray bar on the left side of the door.

4. Ring the doorbell 5 times slowly.

5. Click the right side of the screen, ignore the code.

6. There is a small box in the lower right spot of the main panel that is off colour. Click it. Drag the key to the lock.

7. Click the door and wait for the black to completely fade.

8. Double click password(so it is highlighted) and press delete.

9. Lose a game of Simon says.

10. Click no.

11. Click slightly beneath the doorknob until the door opens.

12. Hold tab and press space quickly (repeat if necessary).

13. Click and drag the area under the door to the left.

14. Click and drag the doorknob to the left then click again.

15. Click remote and batteries(once they fall from the screen). Click the question mark on the remote. Click the remote to flip it over, then click the battery cover. Drag the batteries into the remote. Click the X, then drag the remote to the door

16. Be like a ninja. Move the mouse quickly one way then quickly back to the door frame and click to go through. It will not work if the door touches the white, so be quick and repeat as needed.

17. Click the monkey until the key drops then drag the key to the doorknob.

18. Enter "your name" into the box.

19. Code is 5693.

20. As the robot lifts itself up, click the white object underneath it(may take several tries). drag it to the gray and black rectangle.

keybol responds:

nice walkthrough!

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Great remix. Very techno. I listened to this over and over. Your a good artist DJ Pickle.


I like! :D

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Not good.

This image is completely out of proportion. The eyes are off center. One half of the face is facing one way while the other half is facing another way. Also the ears(?) are way too small for the head. Sorry, but this get's a low score from my point of view.

Rat-Chili responds:

The cat ears are the ears and the way you said it made me feel bad. =(

Well that was fun now wasn't it?

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