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Well done

Many people have already said it, but I haven't seen a Mario parody this legitimate in a long time.

The animation was smooth and consistent, and your attention to character detail was impressive. The scene which could've been improved were the first few shots of the Goombas talking. The choice of scene angle made it difficult to differentiate the two of them.

Script and humour was top notch. Scenes like Mario falling off the side of the stage, only to have 99 (now 98) lives were clever and kept me smiling the whole way through. At first I thought the scene with the two stoner Koopas were unoriginal, branching from an age old joke about the mushrooms, but the way you tied it in with the story at the end made up for it, as well as the witty dialogue. The pacing of the parody also impressed me, it never seemed to drag on.

Last, but not least: Voice acting was brilliant. Reminded me of the level of voice acting you'd expect from people like Egoraptor. I'm hoping to see more of SirUndead's voice more often.

Keep doing what you're doing, because it works. Very well.

haitam responds:

Thanks for the review,this is very helpful !

Fluid animation

But the overall artwork could've been touched up a bit. There were many jaggies and poorly drawn lines that were difficult to ignore.

Other than that, music was loud and clear, the crossover was clever, and the theme stayed relevant to both shows.


Ok. A few things I have to say about this:

- Don't give us that excuse about: 'LOL WE WERE TRYING TO ANIMATE POORLY TO LOOK LIKE TROLLS'. Just accept that most of the animations were rushed and poorly executed. There were several shorts that were animated brilliantly, but the majority looked like they were done in MS Paint. The use of the troll face wasn't scaled correctly in most shorts, resulting in a very pixelated animation.

- Most of the shorts were stolen from existing pictures, you can at least put the originals in a seperate part of the flash for the viewer to see.

- Preloader and menu looked terrible.

- The static in between shorts had a white strip down the side, and the static itself was a from Adobe Fireworks. In short, it looked ugly.

Overall, stolen ideas that were poorly executed. Be more original and don't just pick every submission you receive.

IncendiaryProduction responds:

I was going along until you said the preloader was and menu was crap, when we all know it was the best part of the submission.

Your argument is now invalid.

Not impressive.

Animation was superb in many segments, there's no denying that.

Problem was the writing. Many of the segments used jokes from other television programs, some of which I can easily identify. Many of the scenes didn't have much of a joke, and I didn't bring myself to smile in them. Some of the scenes, such as the Starfox ones, made me chuckle, but only because of the rage that the characters were going through. Even then, that's still some sub-par comedy.

Leave the series as it is, and choose the authors more carefully, because to me, months of your hard work seem to be completely wasted.

Enough already.

I'm sorry for being so tough on you, but that was a huge waste of my life.

I'm going to rate this movie by category, just to point out some of the strengths and flaws:

None. There was no premise to this movie at all, other than 'Shadow sees Sonic, beats him up, they fight for the next 3 minutes.' For such an unoriginal idea with no dialog to even accompany what's happening: 1/10.

Overused sprites that weren't used at the right moments. For example, the 3D running Sonic scene near the end had sprites of Shadow standing on the ground... While he was in mid air. Backgrounds looked nice, problem is you didn't make them yourself. Most of the effects you included haven't been made by you either, and the effects you made yourself were copyed from Alvin Earthworm. Overall: 2/10

Generic battle music, which got boring and repetitive after they were played the 3rd time over. Needs more variety: 4/10

Sprites were used well in some cases, but in most, the concept of the sprites used at certain times were ripped from various other sprite fight movies. (Example, Sonic spinning on the ground, powering up.) Some of the 3D animations were nice, but could've been polished to look better. Fights were repetitive, and got old quickly. There was nothing going on that was keeping my attention. Also, ENOUGH WITH THE SLOW-MO: 5/10

DBZ sound pack: 0/10

A lame concept, a lame execution. Move away from the sprite fights. If you're going to make more sprite movies, don't make them about Sonic, or Mario. Everyone's seen enough of that, we want something new. Also, the music in your movie was one of the only good things about it, don't be an ungrateful bastard, take the time to credit them in the movie. If this gets shared onto another website (which it undoubtedly will), there will be no way to ensure that they'll be credited.

Review score: 4/10
Voted: 2/5

Good start

This is a good start to what can be a great series. Hopefully you plan to continue this in future, because if you choose to add more backstory in the next episode, that could possibly add a bit of backstory as to why these Koopas are attacking Bowser's castle as a diversion.

What set this movie back from a 10/10 for me is the lack of preloader and replay button. A preloader is a requirement for a great movie because it gives those with a slow download speed a chance to see Flash animations in full without any stopping half way through, and the replay button's function is pretty self explanatory. That alone set back my review score by 2 points. What I'd also like to see is maybe some voice acting if possible. Ask around on the BSS Audio forum's voice acting advertisement thread and you'll easily get some people together to help you. Having voice acting in a sprite movie like this will EASILY get you high reviews. A little backstory would also be good too.

Other than that, excellent animation and nice original idea for a sprite movie. Also, they're called 'Koopas', not 'Koopers'. :3

Not bad.

This was a bit different from what I was expecting, but otherwise pretty good. Your character animation is pretty damn good, however, a couple of things that could've been improved included the sound effects coming from the HALO game, as well as the couch background, it looked good, but was a bit blurry and looked a bit out of place in comparison to the character playing the game. Also, there's a white bar at the top of the screen. :P

Other than that, great work, again, nice smooth character animation.

Can't wait.

For a person who's never used Flash in his life, you have done a spectacular job with this trailer. A fantastic set up with a good use of Halo theme songs, as well as a cartoony, but otherwise fitting animation style. It would be a great idea to deeply consider an English variation of this series, as the majority of users on this website use the English language.

I wish you all the best with this, I can't wait to see episode 1.

5/5 -- 9/10

A masterpiece.

I wish I could sum up this review in 2 words: "Plain. Awesome". Unfortunately there is way too much I want to say about how fantastic this movie is.

First off, the sprites. Amazing. The each of the characters sprites from the sheets have been used to maximise their full potential, using some sprites some would've never thought on using in the given opportunity. For example, using the Master hand sprites for the hands of Mario and Luigi. The custom sprites, fantastic. The fire sonic sprites were fantastic, it almost seemed like they were crafted by Sega staff themselves. The close up sprite artwork gave a new feel to the movie and gave the characters more depth. These close up shots proved that you are not only a sprite user, but an artist.

Second, the storyline. A big step up from the previous movie, however, in my opinion, not enough progress. Some good points, however: The tension. In the Shadow departing scene, my mouth went dry. A large number of emotion in there that draws me to the story, but of course, no matter how epic the movie can be, you seem to fit in those small points of comedy that makes me laugh out loud.

Third and lastly, the animation. Even though these sprites were intended for 2D use, you've managed to transform them into 3D characters using not only edited sprites, but the space of the screen. Making some parts of the character move at different times (e.g. Hammer mario running), you've managed to give me another point of view on how sprites can be used. Many animators can learn from you're animation style. The angle transitions were done very smoothly, which is what impressed me the most.

Most importantly, you've managed to squeeze in something that makes everyone love this series: Luigi getting fryed, beaten, or otherwise hurt in a comical fashion. Please, for your fans, finish this saga.

Not too impressive.

Sorry but I don't think this deserves as big as score as it is. The animation was very basic, and the storyline made no sense. The blood splatter however was very detailed, and the pistol was well designed. The scene with the man on the floor dead looked very 5 second.

To the audio, the yelling and screams were poor quality, lowering the sound pitch of the voices may increase the sound quality.

Overall, it gave me a laugh, however it could use some work.

Well that was fun now wasn't it?

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